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Transform your living space with the timeless elegance of our Istanbul Rug. Measuring 120cm x 180cm, this exquisite rug brings a touch of Turkish tradition and design to your home.

Istanbul Rug - 120cm x 180cm

Made in Turkey

Key Features:

  • Washable and Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning with our washable design. Whether it's a spill or everyday dirt, maintaining your rug's pristine condition is a breeze.
  • Pet Friendly: Crafted with pet owners in mind, our rug is durable and resilient, making it perfect for homes with pets. You can trust it to withstand playful paws and minor accidents

Enhance your home décor with the Istanbul Rug, where beauty meets functionality. Order now for just $99 and add a piece of Turkish heritage to your living space.