About us

Welcome to our Turkish Homeware, Rug, and Gift shop, where we bring a slice of Istanbul's vibrant Grand Bazaar to the heart of Sydney Ryde at the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing our customers with an unforgettable Turkish bazaar experience, characterized by quality service, authentic products, and competitive prices.

Step into our store and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul. Our handpicked collection of homeware, rugs, and gifts showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs that Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is renowned for. From intricately woven rugs to intricately carved ceramics, each item tells a story and captures the essence of Turkish artistry.

We offer a true taste of Turkish hospitality by providing complimentary apple tea and Turkish coffee to everybody who visits our shop, just like in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. Sip on these traditional beverages as you explore our collection, and let the aroma transport you to the bustling streets of Turkey.

Our dedicated team is passionate about providing exceptional service, ensuring that every visit is personalized and enjoyable. Whether you're seeking assistance in selecting the perfect rug for your home or looking for a memorable gift, we are here to guide you with expert advice and a warm smile.

We understand that affordability is key, which is why we strive to offer the best prices without compromising on quality. Our aim is to make the beauty of Turkish homeware and gifts accessible to all, allowing you to bring a touch of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar into your own space.

Come and visit our store to experience the magic of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar right here in Sydney Ryde. Discover the enchantment of Turkish culture through our carefully curated collection, and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to adorn your home or delight your loved ones. Indulge in complimentary apple tea and Turkish coffee, and let us transport you to the vibrant spirit of the Grand Bazaar.