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Authentic decorative and comfortable floor cushions Made in Turkiye, 

%100 Cotton, washable covers with firm sponge filling

1x 70cmX190cm Long Cushion

2x 50cmX95cm Back Cushion

2x 22cmX49cm Arm Cushion

1x 120cmx180cm Matching Rug

Experience the elegance of a Majlis-style seating arrangement with our exquisite Divan Set Floor Cushions. Crafted with care, these floor cushions are designed to bring comfort and sophistication to your living space. Made from 100% cotton, they offer a soft and inviting touch. The firm sponge filling ensures optimal support, making them perfect for lounging or entertaining guests. Whether you need extra seating or a cozy spot to relax, our floor cushions provide the perfect solution. Elevate your home decor with the timeless charm of our Majlis-inspired Divan Set Floor Cushions.